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TNP Contracting has the expertise, experience and vast product knowledge to completely remove clients failed sealant and re-caulk it to last for years. Providing a warranted final product.

TNP will provide a high quality final produce with a profesion final look and seal of all applied products. 

TNP Contracting can manage any size project from start to completion, anywhere required. 

TNP Contracting welcomes all inquiries and regards new relationships as extremely important.

Thank you in anticipation,

TNP Contracting

From the big to small, high-rise to single homes. TNP Contracting has done it all. 

At TNP, we have highly skilled licensed trade certified trainers. Certified trainer coarse acheived bye the construction safety association of Ontario. 

We are a highly skill, knowledgeable and 


competent company that knows how to co-ordinate with architects, engineers, general contractors, builders, sub-trades, tenants and owners to meet the need of minimizing customer inconveniences